, Defined by One Mistake: What One Students Dismissal Revealed about Cedarvilles Disciplinary Process The Cedarville Interpreter. but those who curtail their rights are guilty of stupidities. This was in Roger Rosenblatt in his essay We are Free to Be You, Me, Stupid and Dead. YAAAY ORU and all the others. Jesus drank wine. You should research before you post something. Feel free to email me at [emailprotected]. Maybe this list should just be 10 Strict Christian Colleges? The Yellow Jackets compete for championships in 16 NCAA. Behavior that would cause property damage or directly impedes or disrupts the lawful activity of others. That seems a tiny bit stricter than telling Christians to come to church once or twice a week. Some rules are ridiculous. Dallas Christian College directly addresses individuals who feel their extremely staunch policies are either too slack or too restrictive, stating that such measures strike a balance between freedom and Christian piety. Some are grounds for immediate expulsion, while others build up over time before a student can be dismissed. DRESS AND APPEARANCE Our approach to standards for dress and appearance seeks to honor biblical principles of modesty as humility expressed in dress and to provide general guidelines appropriate for a Christ-centered educational institution. Guys did not have to accept dates with interested women. However, this article doesnt actually say that these schools are bad just that they are very strict, which they are. If you honestly think that the way these colleges are conducting themselves and imposing religion upon students is a good thing, well then I dont know. However, the rule only worked one way. You make it out to seem way worse than it is. As one of the top Christian colleges in the Midwest, Cedarville University attracts 5,082 undergraduate , graduate, and dual enrolled high school students to more than 175 areas of study. Yay secularism! Adding onto my last post you must have been reading a 40 year old manual when you wrote this stuff about Asbury. Why all the restrictions regarding dancing? This is one of the major reasons stated by Dr. White himself. It is not unreasonable for them to expect the students attending a Christian college to live up to the standards lai out for them. Penalties may include fines and/or imprisonment. Cedarville University is intentional about creating a Christ-centered community, rigorous in our pursuit of scholarship, and balanced in our approach to Christian lifestyle. The admission office refused to release the student handbook until one signed on the dotted line, feet on campus for semester orientation and parents away from campus. [Emphases in original.] hahaha what a joke, and you call yourselves civilized. There are many things that are legal that are morally wrong, and __________________________ INVOLUNTARY ADMINISTRATIVE WITHDRAWAL This is a special, non-disciplinary process used when a student appears to pose a significant risk to self or to others, or when that students behavior infringes on the rights or educational process of others. They reserve the right to discipline any student who does so, most especially in cases when the politics and ideals expressed in the protests go against the schools extremely conservative beliefs. HA!!! Demanding a radical commitment to Jesus Christ of all students involves not only the usual abstinence from illegal substances and behaving courteously, but a number of other legal but forbidden or discouraged behaviors frowned upon by the religious right as well. Perhaps they are harmless. Welcome to America, what a statement! I wouldnt go to any of these colleges, but youre giving them more crap than you should. Wow, the writer of this article is very intolerant. Participating in dance that is sexually provocative, occurs in unhealthy environments, or accompanies lyrics that do not reflect a pure and godly lifestyle is prohibited. In addition, all students enrolled in 12 or more hours are required to attend at least one chapel event a week. Look at the corrupt Catholic Church, and look at how many pastors are child molesters. And finally They are definitely much more lax now the girls are fine wearing pants (modesty is suggested). If students go from a strict household (as I suppose most of these students do) to a strict school, they will have no chance to learn true self-control. they are legal. Is there something wrong here? Its obviously not an awesome college to go to if you dont want rules, but its not NEARLY as strict as 90 percent of the christian colleges out there. You heard about how bad these schools are from people who got kicked out? However, as a Cedarville student, you represent the University. EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP) The 43-year-old gunman who killed three students and wounded five others at Michigan State University had no apparent connection to the campus, police said Tuesday as they searched for a motive for shootings that terrified the community for hours.. Investigators were sorting out why Anthony McRae fired inside an academic building and the student union just before 8 . Unfortunately, many forms of dancing are closely associated with things that undermine godliness. -Underage gambling is also against the law (and also gives into the sin of greed) However, his ultimate conclusion is that Christians must make decisions based on whether they will be further sanctified. That rule ONLY applies to publicly shown movies. To create a healthy environment for our students, and in some cases to comply with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989, Public Law 101-226, Cedarville University adheres to the following guidelines for all undergraduate students and graduate students enrolled in degree programs on campus, including those students who do not live in campus housing. However, responsible use is not sinful, which is our primary point in this article. Probably a shock, but I not only know how to cook and clean, I also do the home repairs, budget,renovations, I sew and Im active with several charities, many Christian. And Another note. I obtain an Associate degree of Theology, and have done subjects to obtain my bachelor Evansville, IN Deaconess Sports Park. Carson, writing for what is arguably Cedarvilles favorite theology blog The Gospel Coalition, writes, one should not confuse the logic of 1 Corinthians 8 with the stance that finds a strong legalist saying to a believer who thinks that eating meat offered to idols is acceptable, You may think that such action is legitimate, but every time you do it you are offending meand since you are not permitted to offend me, therefore you must not engage in that activity.. I was on full scholarship (or would have never atteneded the school),and I was aware of all these policies and followed them. Students caught engaging in premarital, extramarital, and homosexual behavior face the risk of being expelled completely from Dallas Christian College as well. Use of food and drink is listed by Paul in a discussion of disputable matters. We are advised to be careful not to place stumbling blocks in a brothers way. So next time you choose to attack our schools (speaking more to some of the comments than the actual article), check your sources. Her brothers asked her how she could live with all the rules. Cedarville justifies their policy by referencing the Drug-free Schools and Communities Act, which requires universities to provide, Standards of conduct that clearly prohibit, at a minimum, the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol on school property or as part of any school activities foremployees (Policy)orstudents (Code of Conduct) and a statement of disciplinary actions associated with those violations. Christians not overtaken by an archaic dislike of alcohol from the 1920s can read this passage and apply it to Cedarville in this way: Students should not drink with students who are not legally allowed to do so and students should not drink too much alcohol, thereby maintaining self-control over their bodies. I am not a follower of Christianity nor do I have a problem with that, but these establishments are making the entire religion look crazed and judgmental Just sayin. Manifestation of modesty includes seeking to adorn the Gospel by placing emphasis on the condition of ones heart expressed by living with humility in attitude, behavior, and dress (Prov. 5:1921; Eph. Cedarvilles prohibition of alcohol simply diversifies students tactics to engage in the habits they will inevitably choose to form. As one of the underground liberal minority at the college, I disagreed with almost all the guidelines. I totally agree. Of course, Jesus advocated The Commandments, not hip, redesigned for 2012, laws. And students coloring their hair is definitely not banned.just unnatural colors are like a student couldnt dye their hair green for instance. The only Biblical justification provided in the handbook is that it is listed as a disputable matter by Paul, which we will get into later. Only God can do that. Additionally, using any source (such as D.A. 3:34). Students are prohibited from posting or sharing sexually provocative material. There wasnt anything there that drove me crazy. 2:1317; 1 Pet. Free thinkers, thanks! I chose to attend Pensacola Christian College, nobody forced me. This, unfortunately is a perk of many religious institutions. The school has a religious affiliation with the Baptist faith. This article oversimplifies the issue, as well as interprets the motives behind the rule, both of which are misleading. The veritably Orwellian Florida Christian College combs through its students media collections, banning any books, movies, music, magazines, or video games it deems detrimental to Christianity. The point is, in my opinion, someone needs to establish guidelines for our youth.. Incidentally, the D.A.R.E. Everyone should look at the evidence presented and formulate their own personal opinion of the matter. It will introduce you to our Cedarville Covenant and Community Guidelines, and it will include advice that will help you maximize your success as a university student. Geez. I know its frustrating to have people object to aspects of your lifestyle and faith, but I dont think responding with condescending bias is helpful. It should be Students hoping to visit any friends of the opposite sex IN THEIR DORM ROOMS can visit on Fridays. You dont have to get permission from families, no files kept. Oh, Im sorry, you must know so much more than the current students and those who have graduated and are leading great lives. No, they do not allow engaging in it, and I honestly think thats not something good. Anallisa you are extremely vulgar! Alcohol use is not repeatedly rebuked in scripture. She had read many Christian books and had a wonderful library of these books. Movies again, the handbook gave the wrong message. DO you know what these strict colleges are invoking by making these kinds of religious standards? Feb 25 (Sat) 5:00 PM. Therefore, students are encouraged to portray servant attitudes toward Christ and other people in their dress and appearance. God forbid someone busts into a Riverdance in the middle of the student union. For these schools, leeching beyond the academic and school-related extracurricular functions and into the private lives of their students remains a high priority, with handbooks dictating very clearly how all of them must behave regardless of whether or not they live or play on campus. i really hope if youre not saved that this eats away at your consciene soo much that you cant live like that anymore and come to a saving knowledge of Jesus ChristJohn 3:16- For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believeth in him should NOT perish, but have everlasting lifeso it doesnt matter who you are, what youve done or whatever you case is, God wants to and will save you if you only call on His name. I go to Oral Roberts University. But controlled and responsible use of alcoholwhich Christians too often forget was how Jesus approached alcoholshould not be limited because it has the mere potential to be used irresponsibly. But please dont judge women by their sex life or their religion, as people like me will not judge you by the same nor by your faith. Reviewed: 9/28/2019. I Attended LMU in Los Angeles we do to have strict rules about clothes we can wear pants So nyah nyah yah. Society may indeed be corrupt, but Christianity is no better. From my own experience, when you walk away from God it usually has to do with decisions you have made and not lack of motivation or dedication. There are so many problems with this statement. Its not as strict as its portrayed here. Thanks for that Woah this blog is magnificent i like reading your posts. Im not talking about breaking these rules, Im talking about snobishly being on the look for anyone that might be breaking these rules and falesly accusing them. I understand your point, and I do believe the policy could be tweaked. As our Cedarville University community processes this situation, we pray we would do so with humility, grace, mercy, integrity, civility, and respect. Public displays of affection beyond handholding are highly discouraged, as is fraternizing with those of the opposite sex on co-ed camping trips. [emailprotected]. In their quest to encourage their students to live like Christ or, more accurately, their interpretations of how Christ lived these schools push upon them a series of heavy restrictions involving their behaviors on and off campus. It really sucks that you went to such an awful college. Cedarville would be served well to move on from archaic legalistic principles of the past towards being an example of grace and freedom in Christ. Leave your intelligent feedback down below or consider following CollegeTimes on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated or to get in touch! Dyed hair and faddish or extreme styles are out, as are any piercings beyond the ears or a nose stud presumably allowed for cultural reasons. I walked away 15 years ago and still have not come back but there were many factors involved. If you want to have a Christian school, make it conform to Biblical principles as much as possible. The main thing I learned from my year there was how to be sneaky. But once again, if you believe in supporting them or neutral, they wont do anything to you or criticize you. because 14; 1 Cor. Homosexuality is also wrong,because it upset God to the extent of destroying sodom and gomorah. let me spell it out for you PROSELYTISM. Students are also reminded that underage drinking violates federal law. Many who attend the strictest places were either home-schooled or went to hard-line fundy christian schools and churches their whole life. As a matter of fact, Im taking a dance class currently! This article reads like it was written by a the assistant editor of my high school newsletter with a skewed agenda and out dated infobut I enjoyed it. Clearly, the answer to (b) will depend on the answer to (a). So whats wrong with what they are doing. But do you know which degree is still highly valuable? HONESTY One of the marks of integrity is honesty. According to a blog post made last November by the school president Dr. Thomas White, and referring to Philippians 4:8 (which honors "whatever is pure"), Cedarville will soon institute a new. todays society are those who want to ban guns because they kill people, yet want to drink, smoke, and do whatever the hell they want because its there right. And if you have to miss which many do at one point or another you get 8 free chapel skips. Sickening!!! Reading the article, Im finding myself agreeing. If a student is of legal drinking age and wishes to imbibe in the summer, it is none of Cedarvilles business and does not impact them in any way. both in this life and in the next. I think that the questions that we really need to ask are (a) whether students are better off if they attend these schools, and (b) whether we ought to encourage students to attend these schools. The specific guidelines included below are shaped by biblical principles, community preferences, and cultural expectations in terms of propriety and professionalism. In America, people can express their opinions and say what they want. After dusk, mixed groups are not allowed to fraternize without chaperones because having a group of friends including males and females alike is not normal psychosocial behavior it is improper and apparently leads to premarital sex and dancing and other alleged affronts to Jesus. Where did you hear that we couldnt?!?! Wow, imagine that. Cedarville goes far beyond regulations mandated in the DFSC Act by attempting to regulate the daily lives of their students whether on or off campus. Writing articles about what you disagree with regarding the university isnt really helpful to anyone. I am currently attending Liberty, and the rules are so laid back at least half the student body goes out late night and weekends gets messed up, and gets it with someone, theres plenty of ways around the rules, school is pretty fake. Shoes should be worn in academic buildings, chapel, and the dining hall at all times. Above all, we pray God would be honored by our deliberations and actions. The last one about Liberty isnt even true. No one is forcing anyone to attend those colleges/universities. It helps us to become better thinkers and writers! I had said I love you. and we hung up the phone. Treating free-willed adults as if petulant children incapable of forging their own individual perceptions, decisions, and behaviors.. everybody who reads this will be without excuse when they get o the Great White Throne judgment before God. I agree strongly with Tara. this is what I think of those colleges They can go fuck a buffalo for all I care how dare they dictate your life. johnny depp height and weight, uk railway radio frequencies,